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The Great Resignation? More Like the Great Reprioritization - ON DEMAND - NO CE

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Human Resource Development
Ben Eubanks
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The news today is full of fearful stories of people quitting their jobs, leaving employers and HR/talent leaders across the country in the lurch. But the real story is something more. In a new study of 2,000 American workers, the data paint an intriguing picture of what's happening, and it's not the same thing we're hearing in the news. 
Are some people likely to quit? Yes. 
Is everyone equally likely to leave their job? No. 
Is there any hope for those of us tasked with attracting, retaining, and engaging a high-quality workforce? Absolutely. 
Join us for this session to learn about this research and how you can put it into practice, giving your company an edge in the current struggle for talent. 

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Learning Objectives
  • How to address retention issues today


Major Subjects
  • Employee retention

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Ben Eubanks is an author, speaker, and researcher living in Huntsville, AL. He spends his days learning about the talent technologies and HR practices that set great organizations apart from the rest. His book, Artificial Intelligence for HR, may sound like a textbook, but it's essentially a guide to leveraging technology to create a more human experience for employees around the world. He also hosts We're Only Human, a podcast focusing on improving human resources, one HR pro at a time. When he's not speaking or writing, he spends time with his four kids and runs in a variety of outlandish races for fun.