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The Seven High Quality Questions that Lead to Success & Solutions - ON DEMAND - NO CE

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Human Resource Development
Joy Principe
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2 Hours
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“How will I EVER get this all done?"  It’s a question I often hear from clients and on a particularly stressful day, I can hear myself saying these words!  Instead of helping us focus, it's a question that leads to stress, anxiety and overwhelm!

Regardless of where we are in business and in life, we will run into challenges and problems as we navigate business growth, leadership, work life balance and our quest for success and happiness. This workshop will explore the 7 HIGH QUALITY questions that lead to relief, enthusiasm and success.  It will be an interactive exploration that will leave you with a game plan to use right away, as well as an opportunity to practice the mindset that the most successful and happiest people use daily. 

This program is for both the entrepreneur who wants to be more effective in their day as well as team leaders who want to stand out in their organization.  For the business owner or staff member you can expect a new way to work with your day so that it's profitable, productive and happier.  For leaders, you will learn new up- leveled skills to increase your efficiency, communication and productivity.  You and your team will shine.  Your staff will feel appreciated and connected to their value as well as the company's goals.

Albert Einstein said 'we can't solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them'.  The quality of your question will impact the quality of your solution.  Learn the 7 questions that take you from confused and frustrated to creative and focused. 

Basic Course Information

Learning Objectives
  • Create awareness of current energy drains
  • Connect with your meaningful personal and professional goals
  • Understand the power of gratitude as a powerful and valuable fuel
  • Create new mindsets, habits and rituals to enhance productivity and happiness
  • Master a strategy for prioritizing your time
  • Learn the value of using the wisdom of your body to navigate challenges
  • Incorporate reflection and planning into your day
  • Learn the value of intentional living
  • Solve problems with a new mindset that also calms anxiety

Major Subjects
  • Tolerations
  • Goal setting
  • Gratitude
  • Setting a 'tone' of success
  • Priorities as a means to mindful living
  • Reflection & Planning as tools to generate clarity & intention
  • Connecting with the wise resource often overlooked in business models

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Joy Principe, a Success and Wellbeing Coach and a CPA brings a diverse background to her work. She has been an entrepreneur and CPA business owner for 25 years, and she is also trained as a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, a Transformative Coach and yoga teacher. She has been leading groups for over 10 years with her rare blend of analytical and creative qualities that inspire people to their personal greatness in a very practical and playful way. 

Her group programs and one-on-one sessions are focused on leading businesses and individuals to meaningful and sustainable success and happiness.  Simply put, she guides people in creating their ideal lifestyle.

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Basic Course Information

Designed For Managers/Leaders
Course Developer Joy Principe, CPA     

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